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Know Thine Enemy Fecal Testing Kit and Supplies

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Know Thine Enemy DIY Fecal Testing Kit, Know Thine Enemy DIY fecal testing booklet, Premiere Monocular and RoHS Binocular Microscopes with mechanical stage and cool LED lighting

Internal parasites are the leading cause of death in goats (and other livestock) in the US.  The overuse and misuse of chemical dewormers has made parasites very resistant, so that routine all-herd dosing with dewormers is not effective nor advised anymore.  Watching your goat's mucus membrane color for signs of anemia and doing routine fecal exams to be able to target those goats that need medication has become the best way for a goatkeeper to help his charges avoid damage from parasites. 

Most test kits are a bit disappointing, they have some little cups, a couple of tongue depressors, a few plastic slides and coverslips, and a single page of instructions with some blurry drawings of worm eggs and a recipe for making flotation solution .  Why spend $100.00 or more for stuff you can pick up at Walmart? 

Our fecal testing kits come with a choice of great microscopes, standard monocular (1 eyepiece) or deluxe binocular!  They are laboratory quality microscopes with features found on the finest microscopes in your veterinarians' own lab.  The full color instructional booklet comes with all kits, too. Kits include a McMaster slide for accurate EPG counts! We also offer 2 kits with no microscope for those who already have one.  One of the "No Microscope" kits has a McMaster's slide the other does not.  

This kit works for all species of livestock and companion animals.  Our booklet focuses mostly on goat parasites and parasitism, but has information and pictures of parasites in horses and other equines, dogs and cats, and chickens.  The equipment used and testing procedures described in the booklet are the same for all species.

The Testing Kit includes:

  • Our instructional booklet Know Thine Enemy comes with all testing kits

  • McMaster slide (not included in the $39.95 kit)

  • 5 Fecalyzer test chambers for preparing the specimen

  • 10 exam gloves

  • packet of 12 glass slides

  • packet of 100 glass coverslips

  • 2 plastic pipettes

  • 3 wooden tongue depressors

  • 8 ounce bottle of flotation solution

  • 2 Baermann test chambers with 10 gauze squares (lungworm test)

  • large test tube with stand (liver fluke test)

Choose Your Kit Below:

Know Thine Enemy Fecal Testing Kit with McMaster Slide/no microscope $59.95  For those who already have a microscope and want a McMaster Slide.

Know Thine Enemy Fecal Testing Kit no microscope/no McMaster Slide $39.95  For those who already have a microscope and do not want a McMaster Slide.

Standard Know Thine Enemy Fecal Test Kit w/ MSK-01L Monocular Microscope and McMaster Slide  $225.95 See microscope details below. 
Deluxe Know Thine Enemy Fecal Test Kit w/ Binocular Microscope and McMaster Slide $255.95 See microscope details below.

Disclaimer:  From time to to the brand of our microscopes may change as we source them from the most economical manufacturers.  Microscopes warranties may vary and are provided by the manufacturer.

Binocular Microscope by RoHS

Some people find using a binocular microscope is easier on their eyes.  This microscope has all of the features you need to do accurate fecal testing EPG counts. It features a large mechanical stage that is easily moved in both directions along the X-Y axis. The cool LED light, which won't dry out your specimen, can be adjusted using the condenser with iris diaphragm to concentrate the amount of light, helping to adjust and improve the contrast and resolution of the image to ensure optimal object illumination. It comes with 2 wide-field 10x and 2 wide-field 25x eyepieces that provide magnification at 40x, 100x, 250x, 400x, and 1000x. The binocular lens can reduce eye pressure. The 45 tilt angle is ergonomic and can reduce neck fatigue. The head of the device can be rotated 360 for flexible observation. The eyepiece can be adjusted for diopter, which is convenient for single eye focusing. The interpupillary distance (distance between the eyes) is also adjustable.  It is not cordless.

MSK-01L Monocular Microscope by Premiere 

This is a great student/professional quality microscope.  With real optical glass lens and a wide angle eyepiece with a built in pointer looking at all kinds of specimens will be a cinch.  It has 40x/ 100x/ 400x magnification. It has separate coarse and fine focus controls with a smooth rack and pinion movement.  The cool light LED system creates virtually no heat so your specimen does not dry out.  It can operate cordlessly for up to 15 hours on it's built in battery and includes a charger/adapter.  The best feature is its mechanical stage so you do not have to move the slide with your fingers making doing accurate fecal egg counts simple.  Using a mechanical stage is much like playing with an Etch-A-Sketch.  There are 2 twist knobs that move the slide, one moves it vertically the other horizontally.  With a little practice this becomes easy and you will never want to go back to moving a slide by hand.

Make Your Own Digital Eyepiece

Click link above for instructions to make any microscope digital!  Instructions also included in our booklet.

McMaster Slide  $22.95

A special 2 chambered slide with gridlines for making very accurate parasite egg counts. Use this to determine the precise parasite load of your animals and to determine parasite resistance to your dewormer. Made of durable acrylic with an easy to see green grid.  For best results and easier counting the McMaster slide works best with a microscope with a mechanical stage.  This slide is included in 3 of our kits.

Know Thine Enemy, DIY Fecal Testing  $7.95

A Booklet by Maggie Leman  

This is a handy 16 page booklet discusses parasitism in goats, horses and other equines, dogs and cats, and chickens. It also has directions for making an eyepiece adaptor for your smartphone.  It has the most recent advances in controlling parasites in goats, but also has drug and dosing suggestions for horses, and dogs and cats. There are detailed illustrated instructions for doing 3 different types of fecal exams to detect stomach and intestinal worms, lungworms and liver flukes.  It includes clear photographs of parasites and parasite eggs found in goats, horses and pets, 2 recipes for making your own fecal flotation solution, easy methods of estimating the weight of your goats and horses for accurate dewormer dosing and up to date dewormer dosages for goats.  More detailed than most fecal testing instructions it is a great place to start tailoring your animal's optimal parasite control program.  There are many up to date references to detailed online information about controlling parasites in your herd and how to tailor a program to fit your area and your needs.

Replacement Supplies Sold Separately:

5 Fecalyzer Test Chambers $8.95

Packet of 12 Glass Slides  $3.95

Packet of 100 Glass Coverslips  $3.95

Packet of 3 Plastic Pipettes  $4.95



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